Lock and Unlock Your Computer With a USB drive

Posted: July 19, 2015 in Uncategorized


So You want to protect your Data In your computer from intruders say your wife. As the computer has photos of your Girl-friends. then here a utility you should check out

Predator, a free Windows program, turns your USB drive into a key that locks your computer when it’s removed. To unlock your computer, you’ll have to plug the USB drive back in. (Talk about having secret-agent-style security.)

Firstly: Download and install Predator.

Then: Then Obviously Launch Predator, plug in your USB flash drive. Nothing From the USB drive will be Deleted or Modified so feel free to use your daily Thumb drive .As you Insert your USB drive you will be asked to create a Password. Click OK to continue.

After That: In the Preferences window, enter a secure, unique password in the “New password” area so if you lose your USB drive, you’ll use it to unlock your computer.

If you want to stay more secured you can check the Always Required box and you’ll be asked to enter the password each time you use your thumb-drive to unlock your PC.

Finally:In the section under Flash Drives, Check that the correct USB flash drive is selected. If every thing is alright, click “Create key” and then OK.

Oh Yeah: Predator will exit. After it exists, click the Predator icon in the task-bar to restart the program. After a few later, the icon will turn green, alerting you that Predator is running.
Every 30 seconds, Predator will check to see that your USB drive is plugged in. If it isn’t, then your computer will Lock down


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